FHM Taiwan January girl - Nikita

With SID camera now you can see 33D 舒子晨Nikita lively!(Please watch this video with VR goggles to get the best 3D effect) Nikita interview:http://www.fhm.com.tw/article?id=24370 #FHM #FHMTV #FHMTW #Weeview #SID #SID3DCamera #3D #3Dcamera #VR180

WEEVIEW at CES 2018 | The Next Generation of 3D - VR180

Thank for all of you dropping by our booth last week in CES. We had a great time with you in the event. As we are encouraging people to tell their story in 3D with SID, there will be more amazing and exciting products we are gonna unveil in 2018. First please meet our next generation 3D VR 180 camera-SID 2. SID 2 - The next generation of 3D VR180 camera With a stylish and compact aluminum body, #Weeview SID 2 delivers everything you need to capture your memories in the way yo

Our Heartfelt Thanks

We did it! Thanks to each and every one of you, we have completed our incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. It has been an amazing ride and one of the most memorable achievements we’ve ever had. You are all unbelievably awesome and we could not be happier about receiving your trust in us. For many years we have wanted to make a 3D camera but it appeared that the market was going everywhere but that direction. Almost every camera was focused on 360 degree. We think along

Indigenous song and scenic Madagascar

Small Island Big Song A music and film project uniting Indian and Pacific oceans through song Small Island Big Song is a couple (Filmmaker and Producer) who wanted to do their bit for our planet, so… Over the past twelve months, they have been recording and filming with the grassroots and profiled Indigenous musicians, from Taiwan to Aotearoa (NZ), from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to Madagascar, the worlds Island communities sharing a common heritage known as Austronesian. In th

Fjallraven Classic Sweden 2017

A short 3D clip about Fjallraven Classic walk in Sweden. Please place your phone into VR goggles to enjoy the 3D effect. #Weeview #SID #SID3DCamera #3D #3Dcamera #VR180

A girl runs on a scenic beach

In this video, you can see the SID 3D camera with gimbal can create smooth and stable 3D videos even you are running. Stable 3D video offers both comfort and good stereoscopic effect. With SID cinematic kit, you can have more possibility of content creating #Weeview #SID #SID3DCamera #3D #3Dcamera #VR180

Skating girl

Create stable and stereoscopic 3D videos even when you are skating! #Weeview #SID #SID3DCamera #3D #3Dcamera #VR180

Crazy of scrambling motorcycle

He learned gymnastics, climbing, and challenged the TV program sasuki, He was transferred to the area of cross-country motorcycle when 40-Year-old In process of learning, he has fallen countless times, but he has continued to breakthrough his self with enthusiasm and perseverance. #Weeview #SID #SID3DCamera #3D #3Dcamera #VR180