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Share and experience 3D in Virtual Reality with Look

Look is a next-gen iOS app for sharing and experiencing 3D content in virtual reality

Today we are happy to announce that our partner Vidi VR launched their App, Look, which can enhance 3D viewing experience in Virtual Reality.

So what makes Look perfect to work with SID?

1. Capture: Creators capture content with a 3D camera and edit on 3D Clip.

2. Edit: Edit content on 3D Clip and share on Look.

3. Experience: Members watch 3D content in Look’s immersive VR

interface by placing their iPhone in a VR headset.

Rhyme and Chris Bailey - Founding Creators on Look

For content creators, Look is a new immersive medium to express life through sharing

experiences. For the community, Look is a window to new perspectives and experiences of

people around the world. Look believes that they can save the world by connecting people through shared experience.

Beyond innovations in immersive media interface, the Look team is proud of the steps they took to design a social experience that prevents harassment that plagues other social media outlets today. Look is all about positive experiences and you will find that text is very rare. Creators have 3 emojis to convey the vibe of the content they are sharing and viewers don’t leave comments. Instead, they give anonymous “Goodlooks” to content creators. When creating and sharing with Look, you never have to worry about spammy posts or trolls in the comment feed.

For more information , please contact

Brian Herrera


Instagram: @joinlook

Twitter: @join_look

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