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WEEVIEW at CES 2018 | The Next Generation of 3D - VR180

Thank for all of you dropping by our booth last week in CES. We had a great time with you in the event. As we are encouraging people to tell their story in 3D with SID, there will be more amazing and exciting products we are gonna unveil in 2018. First please meet our next generation 3D VR 180 camera-SID 2.

SID 2 - The next generation of 3D VR180 camera

With a stylish and compact aluminum body, #Weeview SID 2 delivers everything you need to capture your memories in the way you’ve been always dreamed for - #3D #VR180.

Shooting videos in VR180 format not just brings more immersive virtual reality experience to viewers but also captures depth information from realistic scene.

With a built-in 3D glasses-free touchscreen, SID 2 provides intuitive operation and easy-to-use design for users.

Surprise and delight your friends with interactive effects - 3D AR kit for SID

We are enthusiastic about creating Apps which can make your 3D stories have more fun. And that’s what we’ve been working on over past few months. Just imagine having a battle with your friends while livestreaming, throwing fire ball to fight against each other. Introducing 3D #AR livestream kit for SID.

Connect SID to your PC and now you can livestream and play AR games with your friends. With AR kit, SID is capable for detecting space and human skeleton. You can place 3D objects in the world and interact with them in real-time. This really brings SID to a whole new level of 3D livestream.

For further detail of SID 2, we’re planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the middle of 2018. If you have any idea about our new products, don’t be hesitate to give us some feedback and also please subscribes our latest updates.

Thank for your support!

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